Saving You More Money

At NBF Electrical we not only use solar power to reduce your energy usage we are also able to perform energy profiling across your facility. This is the process of identifying opportunities for energy savings and provides you with the data you need to address them.

With our single and three phase electrical energy logger we can comprehensively log measurements like voltage, current, power and power factor. We can do this few multiple times a minute to give a very detailed and accurate look at not only your peak usage but the time of usage throughout a day or even a week.

This data logging service is primarily for our larger install clients but it is available to anyone for a small fee. In most cases this fee is negated if a solar install goes ahead. In all cases we look for things that stand out such as what lights you have, how old your air conditioner is and any older appliances that may not be working as efficiently as they could be. By replacing Halogen down lights with LED down lights you can save up to 40w a fitting - meaning you could run 5x LED down lights for the same cost on one 50W halogen fitting! We can also discuss LED flood lights and commercial LED and florescent lighting.

Another major advantage of being able to log your demand over time is the ability to be able to pin point what time of the day most of your power is being used. This allows us to better design your solar system because we can face your panels in the direction which saves you the most power from being imported from the grid.