Why Choose NBF Electrical?

Be Provided With A System Overview

NBF Electrical offers all their clients a tailored system design which fits within their needs and budget. From this foundation we can discuss which of our quality products will be used in your PV system comprising of the following:

  • Total number of PV panels to be installed
  • Location of PV panels. e.g. house/shed/warehouse/ground mount
  • Type of roof they will be installed on, e.g. tin/tile/etc.
  • Direction the panels will be facing East, North or West
  • Size and brand inverter will be used and how many tracking MPPT’s will be needed to maximize power collection, matched to the size of the system complying with Australian Standard AS4777.
  • CEC Certified mounting system.
  • Wiring, volt rise/drop calculations, circuit breakers and required string protection.

Fact: A 10KW PV Solar system could save you more than $60,000 over its life!


Your installation will be conducted by NBF Electrical using our qualified and accredited installers and will not be sub-contracted out. Our team comprises of highly trained and experienced licenced electricians and supervised apprentices. At NBF Electrical, we take great pride in doing the job right first time every time.

We have a few very simple rules which are cemented into our culture: If it is not 100% right, then it is wrong, if it is wrong, it has to be fixed. If we can spend an extra hour now to make something neater or make the system produce more power, we do it, and we always leave the premises in as good if not better condition. No rubbish will be left on site, as we respect you and your premises as it is our own and appreciate the investment you have made.

Not Just Solar

At NBF Electrical we perform all types of electrical work. Ranging from replacing a light switch, adding a power point, a new light fitting right up to a full rewire. We can also advise about and install many energy efficient products such as LED lighting, motion sensors, timers and inverter technology air conditioning.

Did you know: There are different price brackets for power, depending on how much power you use?